Friday, August 6, 2010

The Penny Candy Blog

In a perfect world, I would introduce The Penny Candy Blog with a post outlining TPCB's general itinerary. I would describe my blogging intent or focus. But in a perfect world, I would also be able to finish a thought about dinner without pondering dessert.

Unfortunately, this world and my own brain are both hopelessly flawed, and I cannot escape my inability to pin down an idea or formulate a plan long enough to decide what the specific emphasis of my blog will be. What I do know is I love to look at pretty things--and I am easily distracted by them. Just ask my hubby Josh what it is like to attempt a conversation with me while I peruse a decorating magazine. It is physically impossible for me to perform two functions at once, however mundane. The other day I found my cell phone in a kitchen cupboard because I was trying to text while preparing a cheddar and avacado panini.

With my erratic nature in mind, I gave the blog an open-ended name (as much as I hated open-ended exam questions in college. Give me guidelines, and I guarantee you an A+; give me freedom, and I promise you I will ask a million questions, make a thousand false starts, and travel in a complete cognitive circle). I don't know what will end up being the main focus of my blog, or if I will ever have one, but I know one thing, and that is myself. I absolutely adore weddings-from the obvious elements like The Dress down to details like boutonnieres and gift boxes. It is also no secret that I wish I were still twelve years old. My childhood was about as idyllic as one's can be. Oh, to wake up in the middle of a summer morning in a cottage that has been in the family for three generations of sandy feet, popcorn shrimp, and Garside's ice cream. To return to an era when my day began with Cocoa Pebbles and unfolded leisurely, when the height of my responsibility was to have the laundry folded by dinnertime. Not that my life is so rough right now-Josh does let me purchase Cocoa Puffs at the grocery store when I forgo the donut section. I just truly loved my childhood. Simply put by Ann Brashares, "Some people had gifts that made them great at being kids." Or maybe it is the reverse: rather than possessing a talent at being a child, I lack essential life skills that make adulthood possible. Either way, I hold that I was much more suited to being a child than I am now to being an adult, and I will always remember sixlets, salt water taffy, and penny candy stores, along with all the rest of the trappings of my childhood, with great fondness.
As children, weren't we thrilled by a broken sand dollar? Mesmerized by a field of dancing fireflies? Spellbound by a fairytale? I was so deliriously happy at the discovery of a much-anticipated baby doll under the tree when I was six years old that I actually threw up. Nowadays, I may not bounce on my bed when Josh brings me home a pint of Ben and Jerry's, but I just might burst into song over a cup of coffee with the perfect balance of cream and sugar. (I tailored the lyrics of Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better" to fit the special occasions when Josh makes my coffee on the weekends).
I can't predict much, but I can say that I aim to take a cue from the simple splendor of my much-reminisced childhood and appreciate the beauty around me, whether that beauty lies in a wedding centerpiece or a piece of penny candy.

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  1. This blog could not describe you more perfectly hahahaha

  2. In not being able to do two things at once, didn't you once write a song about having a one track mind? Also, a few days ago I put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge. Good stuff.

  3. Yay, I am so excited about your blog! I love that practically all of us are doing this now! Dana, it's your turn next! xo.

  4. Reading this brought back so many memories of my childhood :) great post!

  5. I'm not sure I can compete with all these great blogs!