Friday, August 13, 2010

Clutch-Inspired Look #2: Black and Tangerine

Here is another look put together to go with our new Montgomery Clutch, this time in Black Silk Dupioni.

[Pittore Dress - Anthropologie, Esmé Heels - J.Crew, Crystal Trinity Ring - J.Crew, Montgomery Clutch - Dear Lillie]


  1. I wish I were more stylish because I LOVE this outfit! I love that Anthro dress and your clutch would look perfect with it!

    (By the way - I would add a link to Dear Lillie) Just my opinion =)

  2. Oh - and I don't mean to my blog - haha! I meant to either Dear Lillie on Etsy or the main website that way people know where they can find the clutch!

  3. One of these days i'm going to get out of these jeans and into some of these cute outfits! I seriously am in love with the new clutches!!!!

  4. love love your blog!! and that dress so cute...would be amazing with the dear lillie clutch!