Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!! Along with the remainder of western civilization, I can't wait for the weekends. Josh quite pertly asked me last night, "Isn't every day kind of like the weekend for you?" Of course, for the sake of my dignity, I had to at least attempt a rebuttal, but quite honestly, my real reason for loving the weekends has nothing to do with a lightened workload or a chance to sleep in, as with most. (Not that I'm admitting there is anything to his theory..) It is because I get to spend two whole days with my better half. (No, really. It's unanimous-even my parents think so, which says a lot for Josh but not so much for me!) And because I'm in such a darn good mood, I'm posting my favorite things about this week, which in my opinion was pretty awesome due to (and in no particular order):

1) My iTunes finally allowing me to download Taylor Swift's new single, "Mine"
2) A certain boy I like making a surprise visit in the middle of his workday not once, but twice, this week. (He occasionally has to go right by our house on drives to job sites, and apparently I make a tempting detour!)
3) The Dunkin Donuts medium hazelnut iced coffee with cream and sugar that was in his hand both times (I happen to think that the surprise visits and the delivery of the coffee itself can each hold their own weight and therefore be separately categorized).
4) The cheddar and avocado panini I made every day that I was home this week (which tallies up at four, in case you are counting and cringing, Jenni).
5) Going to the Red Chair, Bowerbird & Friends, and White Home Market with mom today and getting two lamps, a burlap sack, a bucket, a gardening tool box, a birdcage, an old mantel top which will hopefully have a new life as a shelf, a mirror, and a coffee table. It was nice to spend the day with Moosie, but mainly I'm glad I brought her because of her strong show of shopping support: "Oh, yes, that's nice...Get it! Just get it!" (I think her instinctive reassurance and peppy spirit derive from her early history as a Walpole Chickadee..."Are you in it? Well, I guess! Walpole Bitty Boys, YES, YES, YES!"). Of course, I can't make crucial decisions concerning $20 sconces alone, so a dose of Little Heidi--lose the poms, keep the "Yes, Yes, Yes!"--was just what I needed. Particularly when Josh asks for the total, so I can claim she talked me into everything. ;)

Anyway, I started taking pictures tonight, but quickly lost sunlight and gave up. Also, the Forester wouldn't hold all of my finds; my coffee table will be spending the night at White Home Market and the mirror in "Bay 1" of the parents' garage. So this is all I have pictures of at the moment:

And last but certainly not least, #6....I got a bunch of pictures of our summer with Lillie from Jenni today. Josh and I looked at the pictures together tonight and plotted to abduct could anyone not want to, with that infectious grin and those cheeks?


  1. What a week! Haha! Love your new finds that you showed and cannot wait to see the rest of them (especially the mirror, once it is up!) Love the part about Moosie Moo - haha! For some reason I always though it was the Walpole Bitty Boys...yes, yes, yes! Or maybe the Walpole cheerleaders just used the same chant for everything - haha!

  2. It was! Now that you say that, it sounds better (or at least more accurate!)...

  3. hahahaha love this. i wish mom would talk me into making purchases so i didn't have to feel guilty--guess i don't need any help in my "investment" habits, though! LOVE the new stuff and can't wait to see the rest!

    PS....what a great hubby dutch is...think it might be your turn to show up at WW with a coffee!