Friday, September 17, 2010

Mums and Last Day to Enter Estella Clutch Giveaway

Decorating for fall is surprisingly hard to do when you haven't finished building your house, and you are about as decisive as a two-year-old in a toy store. (Or at least the two-year-old I know...when Josh and I took Lillie to Target this summer to buy her a toy, she put every single ball she could manage to snag in the bottom of our cart, and I do believe she expected us to purchase them all. That day I found out that Target has an unusual amount of small bouncy balls within reach of a toddler's arm, and that I was delusional in thinking that Lillie would understand the concept of picking out A TOY [note: singular] and head straight to the Barbie aisle where I could show her all the ones I wish I was not too old to want.) Anyway, about all I have done is pick up some mums for my kitchen windowsill, because I was intending on taking some pictures of the kitchen the other day. Unfortunately, it was quite cloudy, except for about 2.5 seconds when the sun decided to peep out. The pictures of the actual kitchen--the whole purpose of taking photos--were unusable, and all I got where these pictures of the mums while the sun made its brief appearance.

Sorry this is such a bad picture, but the hood is done!:

Also, just a reminder: Today is the last day to enter the Estella Clutch Giveaway! Scroll down or click here to enter. The winner will be announced tomorrow!


  1. First, you must have taught Lillie something because our last trip to Target she went straight for the Barbie isle and picked out the most expensive one! I didn't get it for her, thouhg - haha!

    Second, the mum shots are beautiful!

    Third - LOVE LOVE LOVE the hood! And am not going to lie, I can't believe it is actually up! Am dying to see more pics now!

  2. looking good druke family! very pretty...don't suppose i qualify to enter the give-a-way? hahaha cya in a few days!

  3. I think your pictures turned out great! I love your kitchen! A little jealous :) xoxo.